Food Poisoning Your Body!

No Poisons In The Paleo Diet Plan!

Sadly and despite all the technological advances our species has made, we have a now almost incredible reliance on processed foods in our diet today. They are absolutely everywhere and in massive quantities! You will find them on nearly every shelf of the supermarkets, they are especially prevalent in our fast food joints and even in our finest restaurants! Tragically, processed foods are a major contributor to the unhealthy lifestyles we see so often in todays society and one of the biggest individual factors when it comes to the ballooning physical size of our population.

Luckily, there is actually a way of detoxing our systems and removing the poison from our bodies. It is not new either. In fact, it is quite possibly the oldest “diet” known to man…because it is the diet of the Caveman – The Paleo Diet Eating Plan!

By following the Paleo Diet plan, also known as the Caveman diet or the Hunter/Gatherer diet your can quickly remove all the unnatural foods from your system and in fact eat as our ancestors did so many years ago. Following the Paleo diet will help you feel better within yourself and lose weight all without crazy foods, starving yourself or spending half your week in the gym!

The Paleo lifestyle when it comes to nutrition is basically summed up very simply. If the Caveman did not have access to it, then neither really should you! There are so many foods available but for this article I would like to discuss the 3 main food groups that ARE NOT on the Paleo and should in fact be treated as poisons!

Paleo Diet Plan Public Enemy Number 1: Additives

Even though additives primary role is in to make food taste better and also to preserve the foods lifespan, the big problem with them is the fact that most additives cannot be properly and efficiently digested by our bodies. But…the body still tries to of course and this all results in wasted resources. And these wasted resources would be far better served digesting real and natural foods and blow torching fat out of our systems! These pesky additives are inhibiting and limiting your bodies natural ability to lose weight so next time you feel like a pack of fatty chips or crisps, why not ditch the additives and grab some healthy, great tasting finger food such as celery or carrots instead?

Paleo Diet Plan Public Enemy Number 2: Grains

It wasn’t really until the dawn of the Agricultural Age that farming, animal husbandry and grains became part of our diet. The large scale production this movement gave us allowed grains to become a major part of our nutrition. And in a result very much like additives, grains and their inability to be completely and efficiently digested took their toll on our bodies and again took some of the most basic core functions away what they should be doing in order to try and digest these heavy grains. There are alternatives to grains such as sweet potato instead of rice and also pasta varieties made from vegetables. Once you get used to the idea that many of our grains are merely wasted meal fillers, you will be able to create much more healthier options.

Paleo Diet Plan Public Enemy Number 3: Sugar

The modern age has given us perhaps one of the worst nutrition evils of all time in pure, processed sugar. Now sugar in itself is not evil and it is actually important to some of our bodies functions however the problem lies in the sheer amount of sugar we consume these days. Not only is there so much sugary and sweetened products on our shelves today but you would probably be horrified if you really knew just how many of your daily staples have sugar as an ingredient. Furthermore, todays processed sugar is also very difficult to digest.

But like all things in life, there are options and alternatives. Instead of adding sugar to your coffee or tea, why not try it straight? What at first seems bitter and bland soon becomes aromatic and rich in flavor. Or you could also switch to juice which has many more valuable nutrients that actually work hand in hand with your digestive system rather than against it.

Overall, the key point to get across here when it comes to reducing processed foods or “poisons” is the major positive impact it has on your bodies resources, allowing them to not waste time trying hard to process and digest these “hard” foods but instead focusing on the jobs they are supposed to do in a body free from sugar, grains and additives. Creating this environment of health within your body will clean up your system and increase your metabolism helping you to feel great, lose weight and live a life free from all the digestive issues these “poisons” are causing.

Remember that the Paleo Diet Plan is a lifestyle choice. It can sometimes seem like it is tough with limited options but the more you learn about it, you will not only find that there is so much more choice than you first thought but also that the rewards gained far outweigh any sacrifices made.