Overcoming Sugar Cravings On The Paleo

Need to stop eating sugar? Overcoming sugar addiction for your switch to Paleo eating!

Now we all know that the original creators of the Paleo Diet eating plan, the cavemen, did not have access to readily use the spectacular amounts of refined white sugar that is commonplace today. Sadly and also tragically for our bodies, sugar consumption has never been higher. This is bad enough just for the health and fitness problems that it causes let alone what it does for those on the Paleo lifestyle. Overcoming sugar however is not easy…

Can’t stop eating sugar? If you are really making an effort to eat Paleo and stick as close as you can to the fundamentals of this amazingly beneficial nutritional lifestyle then your reliance on sugar must end. Really fight and enjoy the battle of overcoming sugar! Your cravings for sweet, guilty pleasures must end. Your need to add or have sugar especially excessive limits of sugar must end. Or at the very least…be reduced!

Overcoming sugar is a BIG problem because not only of how much sugar we personally add to our food and drinks but also because of the amount of sugar that is added to, contained within or sneakily a part of so much of our nutrition these days. I guarantee that you would be mortified at some of the products that contain added sugar which we consume every day…sometimes even believing that we are taking the healthy option!

Here are a few of the hidden dangers of sugar in our everyday foods that I would like to share with you…how many of them are you aware of and or taking into your body?

First is the normally healthy oatmeal. Especially in its natural form it can be a great choice but once we start dressing it up too much or buying the prepackaged varieties, the sugar content goes up exponentially!

Second is those protein bars or other so called health bars. Read the labels because what might seem like a good choice for can be secretly loaded with stacks of sugar.

Third is a tricky one when it comes to overcoming sugar…salad dressing. Be careful with these and read the labels, especially the low-fat varieties as even these can be full of sugar. As natural or as homemade as you can get are the best choices. And don’t even get me started on tomato sauce or ketchup! The amount of added sugar in some of these is astronomical! There are 7 other “hidden dangers” in the article I have shared and you can read the rest of them here if you’d like but I’m sure you get the message…be very careful for the hidden sugar in everyday foods!

But its not just the seemingly obvious foods with added sugar either. What about the many other names for sugar? If you are a nutritional label reader already…great! If you’re not then I suggest you make it a habit as you will be considerably shocked by what you might find! And don’t just be looking for SUGAR as it can often be listed as several other products. Check out an excerpt below which gives great insight to hidden sugars and their labels and hence the challenges in overcoming sugar cravings. You can read the full article here…

“Sugar by other names – When reading the ingredients list, in addition to “sugar,” watch for these ingredients — they’re alternate names for forms of added sugar: corn sweetener, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, fruit juice concentrates, lactose, maltose, malt syrup, molasses, cane juice, cane syrup and sucrose. Any ingredient ending in “ose” is likely a form of sugar.

Why Overcoming Sugar is so important for the Paleo Diet…

So we know that there is heaps of sugar in our foods that really doesn’t need to be there and certainly has no part in the Paleolithic Nutrition lifestyle but is it really that evil a product. Well, I believe that it is. There are so many associated health problems that so far at least are loosely or more deeply attributed to sugar consumption such as diabetes, heart disease, attention disorders just to scratch the surface and therefore following the Paleo diet eating plan sugar free (or at least heavily reduced sugar) is a great choice!

Take a closer look below at the You Tube video of Dr. Robert Lustig entitled Sugar: The Bitter Truth. Its certainly a long one but has been viewed over 8,000,000 times already!

So by now, you should definitely have an idea of how bad sugar can be for you, how it is hidden in so many of our everyday foods and drinks. And you are definitely aware of how much sugar is added to our food. But lets face it…its yummy isn’t it? Many would say its so addictive and fills holes like no other food but that doesn’t make it right! It’s surely not easy to give up but you must and especially so if you are going to be true to the Paleo lifestyle!

So you’re trying to kick the sugar…lets take a quick moment to check where you’re at on your sugar addiction kick…

Do you experience…

  •     Sugar cravings or carb cravings
  •     Energy spikes and dips throughout the day
  •     fatigue, lethargy, depression or anxiety
  •     brain fog, cloudy thinking, trouble concentrating
  •     hunger that goes from mild to intense very quickly

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are losing the battle against sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Don’t despair however as there is hope for you! You need to detox from sugar and you too can kick your sugar addiction!

So what’s the best method for overcoming sugar?

Well for a start, you don’t have to stop eating sugar cold turkey! The Sugar Crush Detox is a perfect companion for anyone struggling with removing sugar from their diet while following the Paleo and trying to create tasty Paleo Meals.

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