Paleo Meals

What are some easy to prepare Paleo Meals?

In recent years, there have been many people who have looked to the Paleo diet eating plan in order to best serve their nutritional needs without contributing to the growing list of illnesses and ailments created by our modern day diet.

Going back to a time when food was primarily fuel rather than an object of pleasure, Paleo meals serve a purpose which is twofold at the very least. Firstly, the diet and nutrition within Paleo meals is natural, easily digested, hunger suppressing and above all, healthy for you. Secondly, Paleo meals help you lose weight and are incredibly easy to prepare.

With the increased interest in what may seem at first, quite a limiting diet, the desire for Paleo recipes has grown each and every week as people make the shift to this eating plan and lifestyle.

The good news is that Paleo meals are quite basic for the most part and as a result are very easy to prepare. Again, we are making meals in comparison to the caveman and his eating habits so simplicity is paramount. This is not to say there is no fun in Paleolithic nutrition as we have the ability to adapt our modern day techniques and foods to the caveman way of thinking.

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The foundation for Paleo meals…

Is as simple as a piece of lean meat with a side of vegetables. The meat can be seared, poached, baked or stewed depending on your tastes as long as it is a lean cut. No fatty meats on the Paleo diet eating plan! There are hundreds and hundreds of recipes for Paleo meals and you have the ability to create many more of your very own! It’s all about using your own combination of basics and turning them into flavorful meals. Here are just a few simple Paleo meals that you can get started with…

Steak and eggs is one of the very easy and very popular Paleo meals. Because both eggs and steak are important parts of the Paleo diet it makes great sense to add them together in a delicious and hearty meal. Start off with a nice large lean cut of steak, topside sirloin is ideal. Grab a couple of eggs, a touch of paprika to spice things up a little and a small amount of ghee or tallow is all the extras you need. Heat a pan on medium heat, add the tallow or ghee and then dust the steak on both sides with the paprika. For the medium-rare steak lovers, cook the meat for around 4 minutes. I like it just a little more done than that so I go 5 minutes but of course, cook the meat until you are happy with it. Next come the eggs. Just crack them straight into the pan or use egg rings. Just because the caveman didn’t have egg rings doesn’t mean you can’t use them! Once the whites are fully white and not clear, they are done! Serve with the steak and for some extra flavor, dip the steak in the runny yolk.

From red meat to white meat, here is a great tasting recipe from the chicken Paleo meals range. Again, you will love the simplicity – Chicken legs on a bed of cabbage. Again only 3 or 4 ingredients are required, chicken legs, a green onion, some water and some nice fresh angel hair cabbage. Over a medium high heat, start cooking the chicken legs in a small amount of water and not ghee or tallow. Remove the legs from the pan once you are happy that they are cooked through. What you have left over in the pan now is a great tasting chicken broth. To this add both the angel hair cabbage as well as the sliced green onion. Pay attention to the cooking and once the cabbage and onion are soft but not mushy, plate everything up and place the chicken back on top.

Some of the absolutely best tasting Paleo meals are those from the sea! Seafood lovers actually find it the easiest when it comes to starting the Paleo diet eating plan and with recipes like this it is no wonder – grilled scallops in a red pepper sauce! Your shopping list should include 12 fresh and juicy large bay scallops, 1 lemon, 1 large roasted pepper or capsicum, a tablespoon of coconut oil, two tablespoons of olive oil, juice from half a lemon and a garlic clove. Start off by squeezing the lemon juice over the scallops and let them sit a bit. Make a sauce with the rest of the ingredients by putting them all in a blender or food processor and mixing until it is smooth. Get this delicious sauce and put it into a saucepan over medium heat. Next step is to heat a nice grill pan and brush the cooking surface with the coconut oil. Just as the grill starts to smoke, add the scallops and cook them for about 3 or 4 minutes each side. Do not overcook as they will become very tough and chewy! Once cooked plate up the scallops and drizzle the warm red pepper sauce over the top. That’s one of my own favorite Paleo meals. Enjoy!

You will soon start to see that the Paleo diet eating plan and is not nearly as limited as you may have first thought. Having the ability to choose from meat, seafood, and poultry as well as a wide variety of vegetables means your choices can be endless. And as much as you might believe a nice piece of chocolate cake or ice-cream is the best dessert after a meal, once you start eating some of the delicious fruit we have available you will never look back!

The meals above are just a start and should give you an idea on how to go about creating your own however if you need a whole heap more recipes for your Paleo meals, click the image below!