Paleo Snack Bars

Living the Paleo lifestyle provides some amazing results and fantastic life changes.
Main meals are pretty easy to organize and prepare however paleo snacks can sometimes be difficult due to limited prep time available and also resources. But do not despair!o if it's an easy and quick fix for snacks then look no further than some Paleo Snack Bars!

Quick and easy certainly doesn't mean unhealthy and un-paleo though.
Below I will discuss some of the best selling and most popular Paleo Snack Bars across the whole of Amazon!

My Top 4 Paleo Snack Bars...

First up are the Caveman Bar Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut Bars from Caveman foods.
The come in a box of 15 and weigh in at 21 oz each and are packed with 3 grams of fiber per bar! These all natural, gluten free and Paleo friendly bars are not only delicious but they are what we are meant to eat, whether you are on the Paleo diet or not. Made up of almonds, raw coconut and indulgent dark chocolate (organic of course!) these bars are not only a great Paleo snack but a tasty dessert treat!
Next up are the Simple Squares Coconut Nut and Honey Bars

Infused with herbs and vanilla, these delightful Nut and Honey squares give you a triple treat of honey, tree nuts and cream pie yumminess creating a decadent paleo snack bar! High in protein with low sodium, low sugar and absolutely NO wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, corn and refined sugars makes these bad boys a very satisfying and delicious paleo snack when you're on the go.

Be happy and satisfied without the guilt. Keep yourself a box of these in the pantry and a few in the drawer at work too!

This next Paleo snack bar also features the delicious combination of Chocolate and coconut with the Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars.
The Chocolate Coconut Bliss is a 1.8oz bar that offers a sweet combo of organic chocolate, almonds and juicy coconut delivering a moist and tasty treat complete with a satisfying crunch!

Not only Paleo friendly but gluten free as well as vegan, it is the best selling USDA certfied organic bar containing powerful Superfoods in each and every bite. With 7 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, a source of Omega-6, high in trace minerals and vitamins and no refined sugars, trans fats or hydrogenated oils this is truly a Revolution in paleo snack ideas!

With a great chocolatey taste but not too sweet, this is a healthy paleo snack bar that will energize you without that dreaded sugar crash later!
The KING of Paleo Snack Bars!

Finishing off with the BIGGEST seller by far with nearly 1000 5 star reviews on Amazon is the KIND Nuts & Spices Bars!

Using nothing artificial and only the highest quality whole nuts and some of Mother Nature's most tantalizing spices, these Paleo snack bars provide a natural indulgence full of natural protein, fiber and contain 5g of sugar or even less depending on the variety.

The 12 bar variety pack is made up of 3 moreish flavours: Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan, and Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt. The Sea Salt and chocolate combo is amazing and all three bars can make the perfect paleo snack.

Although not designed as a meal replacement you will find yourself quite full after one of these and banish those late afternoon snacking cravings. With plenty of substance and that satisfying "chew" provided by the wholesome nuts, these paleo snack bars will keep you going all the way til dinner time! Keep hunger at bay the healthy and nutritious way and bed down some healthy habits by always having a good stash of tasty and satisfying KIND bars on hand!

All of these delicious and nutritious bars will do the job when it comes to healthy Paleo snacks and all of them have great reviews from the people that buy them. There are plenty out there to choose from but these ones here are definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to Paleo snack bars!

For an almost endless list of inspirational and delicious Paleo Snacks, click the recipe books below!