The Paleo Diet Controversy

You just can’t escape it! No matter where you go, if you turn on the TV, surf the internet or are not living underneath a rock, you have most certainly heard about this fresh fad diet everyone is speaking of. And what is this new miracle nutritional cure? Well, honestly, it is definitely not a “new” diet but as a matter of fact one of the oldest diet plans in our civilizations history – the Paleo diet! There are a ton of books, DVD’s and other materials out there about this diet. Furthermore, the Paleo Diet Eating Plan has been heavily backed by celebs and others who have now emerged as “experts” in the field of Paleo.

But, that being said, there are also the cynics. Just like any diet, or indeed any kind of new or different way of doing things, there are folks who do not see the health benefits and will gladly speak their mind on all of their negative thoughts about the diet. This diet is sprucing up a great deal of attention and whenever something becomes really in vogue so fast there is generally going to be discussion surrounding it.

You will undoubtedly hear critics out there who are calling the Paleo diet just another fad diet that will come and go like the various other true fads before it. However, this could not be further from the truth. There are countless people that have attempted this diet and enjoyed some remarkable results that it is very hard to say too many negative things about it. The proof is in the pudding and people can’t get enough of living “Paleo.”.

People are swearing by the Paleo diet given that it is remarkably different than all the other diets out there today. Men and women are feeling healthy, healing from illnesses and it is essentially changing their lives. It almost seems too good to be true so ignore, and do away with, all those negative thought and feelings. This is one diet that is true to its word.

Here is one way to begin thinking about this diet. Are you really going to be changing your lifestyle that drastically if you are presently buying food organically? Do you shop at Whole Foods or check the labels before you buy your food at the supermarket? You are most likely already eating Paleo without even knowing it.

To put it simply, Paleo means eating foods that can be found in nature or are organic in nature. On the flip side, it also means staying away from foods that are processed. Some people would call this eating like a vegetarian or vegan (current fad). The big difference with eating Paleo is that you will be eating lean meat which is actually good for you. Meat has been given some totally unjustifiable criticism recently however lean meat is an essential, fantastic element of a balanced diet and provides the protein your body needs as opposed to what some people might think.

The Paleo Diet And Your Family…

Perhaps you are questioning how this diet will fit in with your household, particularly if you have young children, have no fear. Consider the children who lived in the Paleo period. Exactly what did they eat? They ate exactly what their moms and dads ate. And, no, there was no pizza delivery or lunch counter nearby. The children were made to eat what was put before them. None of this Paleo for the parents and frankfurters and mac/cheese for the kids. If you eat this way in your house, your children will follow along.

Lots of people don’t believe in compeling their children to eat healthy and balanced foods and I can understand that. After all, one of the biggest parenting challenges comes about if you have a fussy or bad eater – believe me, I know! But, remember the obesity problem that is out of control these days along with heaps of nutritionally based conditions and ailments caused by our modern day diet. And I believe one of the saddest sights you can see is an overweight or sickly child.

As testing as it may be, if you can manage to start your loved ones eating wholesome fruits and vegetables in conjunction with lean meat as suggested by the Paleo diet, as often as possible, they will ultimately thank you when they get older.

To finish off, I agree that the shift to Paleo can seem tough for many people. This is mainly because there is much confusion about the meals and what you can cook and prepare. The deeper you dig and the more you learn about Paleo approved foods you will see that it is far less limited than you might think.

To help you get started, take a closer look at the book pictured below. It has loads of fully approved Paleo recipes that will make your Paleo journey a much easier one. Go ahead, click the book below and discover a whole world of yummy, delicious but importantly, HEALTHY Paleo meals!